Thursday, October 14, 2010

Twilight Plum blossom*

I've told you about my lackadasical design style before, it's an organic, evolving thing...oh yes I can get stuck in, work like billy-o and produce designs in short order, but I prefer to let things flow.

I have been the former for the past month or so, and while I was working on a set commission, my brain was overflowing with ideas, this one just had to come out first - with a string of friends expecting daughters this cardi was inevitable. The moment I sent the last parcel off to my delightful employers I set to finding the perfect yarn...then realising I had the perfect yarn, and I could dye it to the perfect colour.

The yarn is a sportweight merino/silk, the caridgan is plain jane round neck, set in sleeves (with a twist, they are knitted from the top down, with the sts being picked up around the armhole, then a bit of short row shaping and it's done, easy peasy and very fulfilling. The embellishments are embroidered and crocheted, but once again simple-as.

The blossom branch needs to be slightly larger, that's easily fixed, the fact Blaise wants me to knit one for...not so easy in sportweight...we will see, Christmas is coming.

I have a job for you Ravellers - if you think this pattern should be available for sale let me know on this thread in the JustJussi group. If I do decide to offer it for sale, the charts will be larger with each size.

*no vampire connection at all!


Janette said...

Once again ... gorgeous. I can just see my Princess in this wee cardie. Hope you're working on the pattern :)

knitabulous said...

Jussi this is AMAZING! I don't know anyone expecting a daughter, although I know someone expecting something, but I want to knit this RIGHT now. Maybe I'll make a big one for me.

I hope you're working on the pattern too. It's tres fantastique!

PS I have a good idea. Why don't we go to Rhinebeck together next year?